Miss Hissy Fit
About Us

Miss Hissy Fit, Susan McNeill (center), and friends Lauren Flynt (l) and Julie Rawls (r)

Miss Hissy Fit was started in 2008 as many a kitchen table business does with a need for gifts to be given and an empty purse.  Who would have thought that the creation of some towel wraps from wild ribbon and loud colored towels from the local discount retailer would give birth to a business?  With the help of my family (husband Tal, kids Molly, Anna, and Ian) Miss Hissy Fit is growing it's product line and customer base every day. 

Our business is located in Hazlehurst, Mississippi, in our home where each and every item is handmade with the utmost care given to quality and style.  Our family is loud and shiny as are all of our products.  We would love to share that with you and thank you for being supportive of our business. 

Love, peace, & hissy!
Susan McNeill

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