Miss Hissy Fit
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Lil McKinnon-Hicks said:   July 13, 2009 6:21 am PST
Susan, Just looked around the site -- and it is terrific! Congrats on great looking products and great looking site! So proud of you -- and i will keep Miss Hissy Fit in mind for future gift items I need. Lil

Rhonda Hepler said:   July 12, 2009 8:36 pm PST
Susan I love your stuff. Looks awesome. Good luck with your business. I will tell others. I work with some girls that will probably like your products.

Edna Earle said:   July 4, 2009 6:41 pm PST
How clever you girls are. Loved looking at all the pretties.

Julie Rawls said:   July 3, 2009 8:45 pm PST
Darling things...I want to see more pics of more things!!! Can u do a more close up pic of the hissybags? A little hard to tell exactly what they look like in the pic. Just a bit of advice. I know you are going to do well with all your creativity. Have yourself a Hissyfit and go get em girl. Do u do laundry bags for college students??

Bertie said:   July 3, 2009 1:08 pm PST

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