Miss Hissy Fit
Legal Talk/Warnings
This is the part of business that Miss Hissy Fit just HATES!  Uggg...but life isn't just about fun so here goes.

Everything on this site belongs to Miss Hissy Fit (i.e. Susan McNeill) and nobody else.  All logos, t-shirt designs, and product designs which includes all artwork and text, are the sole property of Miss Hissy Fit and Susan McNeill.  I do not and will not give permission to anyone to copy one single design or item on this website or any item available at our shows.  All pictures on this site are either our property or being shown with the permission of the owner.  Items purchased for resale must be to approved retailers with valid sales tax id numbers on file.

Any content posted to the message board or guestbook also becomes property of Miss Hissy Fit to do with what she will.  Don't post it if you don't want it everywhere.

So, if anyone copies our original work or uses our content, not only will there be legal consequences of a financially painful nature but I'll personally rain down apocalyptic wrath on your head and make you cry.  Trust me, you don't want that.  So, experience Miss Hissy Fit with us and play nice. 
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